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We are in the midst of a revolution in terms of how PSA campaigns are packaged and distributed to the media. To further complicate things, the way we fulfill these functions depends upon the medium. What we do for broadcast TV is much different than cable or radio, and outdoor is a completely unique medium, which requires special handling from start to finish.

We have various media packaging models, so it is best to contact us so we can apply the best solution for your PSA campaign.

For broadcast TV, our packaging options are very limited to only those documents that can be transmitted to the stations digitally, along with the digital PSA files. This includes a .PDF file that has the storyboard on the front, and our Broadcasters Café newsletter on the reverse, which are sent to the stations with the digital PSA files. To see a sample, go to: PSA Promotion

To learn more about the details of digital distribution, go to: Digital Distribution

For radio, we are still using the conventional distribution package, comprised of a Flex Mailer with a hard cover, and a four-color CD with the PSAs on them.


Similar to packaging, our distribution plans are different, depending upon the medium, but there are some consistencies in the way we distribute campaigns, which include:

  • We typically develop a plan that is shared and approved by our clients, so it meets their campaign objectives.

  • We do not use a “shotgun” approach to media targeting; we use a “rifle shot” to ensure that only previous PSA users are included in our distribution plans based on our “Previous Usage Index.”

  • For broadcast TV outlets, we use both a “push” strategy to digitally distribute PSAs to stations, as well as a “pull” strategy. This involves posting our clients’ PSAs to our PSA Digital site, where they can view the PSAs, and download SIGMA encoded, broadcast quality PSAs in either SD or HD formats. To view the site, go to: PSA Digital

  • For radio, we typically target stations that reach our clients’ primary audiences.

  • To target local cable stations, we use our CablePAK™ shared-reel distribution program to reach 500 major cable systems, each of which has 15,000 subscribers or more.

  • For outdoor, we target by market, by venue, or we use creative solutions to achieve campaign objectives, such as using airport dioramas, posters in subway cars, highway billboards, or in malls. For more detail on how we have placed OOH posters in these venues, go to: Outdoor Presentation

  • We have developed very unique tactics designed to engage local community partners in national PSA strategy, which are further detailed in the section entitled “Engaging Community Partners” which you can access at: [enter link]