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No one questions the fact that Hollywood can have a tremendous influence on what the rest of us see, do and feel about important health and social concerns. Since 1983, there is one organization that has pioneered engaging the creative community - writers, producers, and other entertainment influencers- to be attentive to accuracy without compromising entertainment value. It’s The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC).

EIC has set the standard for providing script writers with resource information that expands their creative palette… to craft storylines… and create three-dimensional characters capable of influencing audiences with important and often life-saving information. EIC knows firsthand the balance needed between creative freedom and accurate depiction of health and social issues. They also produce, and write the nationally simulcast television special, the PRISM Awards. The show addresses mental health and substance abuse issues and has been on air for ten years. The flagship network is FX, plus seven other cable simulcast partners.

“Together we can improve the health of our communities by offering complimentary media products and services, by collaborating on social marketing, health promotion, and risk communication strategies which will further the art of making a difference.”

Brian Dyak, President and CEO


Goodwill Communications has teamed up with EIC to expand the breadth and depth of both organizations’ reach to audiences. “Our work with entertainment programs, including our own show, establishes a platform for various issues facing society and influencing popular culture, observes Brian Dyak, President and CEO of EIC. “While we are involved with more of the front-end of content and message development, what Goodwill Communications brings to the table is the distribution component, especially via public service advertising. This in turn, increases the frequency and consistency of social issues messages which hopefully results in attitude and behavior change. We look forward to breaking new ground with Goodwill Communications and expanding our message reach,” Dyak said.
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