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While there are probably hundreds of thousands of Web designers in the U.S., how many of them know how to integrate Web design with PSA campaigns? How many know how to develop a Facebook App that extends a client's PSA to a social media platform? How many of them know how to develop custom software that permits a non-profit to tag TV PSAs with a local name or organization via the Web?

These are all tasks we have accomplished for various clients, working in tandem with our software developer, ClickforHelp.com. CFH is intimately familiar with our clientele, and the overall field of public service advertising, because they are the firm that wrote our latest PSA evaluation software. Here are some of the Internet projects we have jointly created with CFH:

March of Dimes


To help spread the word about the campaign, Goodwill Communications created a special EmailGram that had the radio PSAs embedded in it as a live link, permitting recipients to listen to the spots. We then compiled websites and sent the Mailgram via email to those reaching mothers, fathers, African-American and Spanish audiences.

Chapter Liaison

As a "chapter-centric" organization, March of Dimes always tries to engage its chapters in national programs, because obviously they are out there in the communities where the real work gets done. For the Prematurity radio campaign, Goodwill Communications, created a custom website where chapters could go to access all types of information about the campaign, from distribution lists, to evaluation reports.

Specifically, we engaged MOD chapters in several ways:

  • By clicking on a map, they could see distribution reports for their state.
  • We provided them with facts on the premature birth issue they could use as talking points in their outreach efforts.
  • They could click on a link to view an article with tips about making local outreach calls at:
    www.psaresearch.com/ psaprimer.html.

Via this custom website, MOD chapters had all the tools they needed to get engaged in the national campaign, and bring about change at the local level - a key to any successful national education effort.

Environmental Defense Fund

This was one of the more interesting PSA assignments we have had since we began our business three decades ago. The marketing task was to promote and distribute a TV PSA for EDF, which had teamed up with Universal Pictures, the producer of the movie “Evan Almighty.”

EDF has chapters all around the country, and in our research for the assignment, we learned that there was something called the Mayor’s Climate Protection Initiative. Our idea was to get each of the local city Mayors to tag the national EDF TV PSAs in their markets, and provide a user-friendly way for them to do it via the Internet.

The first thing we did, working with our partner, ClickforHelp.com, was to design an interactive website, which showed local EDF community partners where their PSAs were distributed; it allowed them to order custom TV PSA tags for placement in their community; and it allowed them to view the PSAs online.

To access the custom website go to: http://fightglobalwarmingpsa.com/index.aspx.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

We have worked with AAOS for 13 years, and there is not much in the world of PSAs we have not done on their behalf. Promoting this organization has not always been easy, because sometimes their messages come very close to violating the rule of self promotion, which greatly diminishes their chance of getting PSAs on the air. However, with our guidance they adopted social issues to which they had a connection, and those which would resonate well with the media.

Almost from the beginning of our work for them, they promoted the need for a more activist lifestyle, years before Michelle Obama and others jumped on the bandwagon. Several years into our work for them, when Facebook was on the rise, in conjunction with ClickforHelp.com, we developed an App that encouraged people to increase their exercise routine. Operating under the theme: Get Up. Get Out. Get Moving.
Via this App people could select a particular exercise, how long they exercised, and then publish their workouts to the Web for comparisons with their friends, or just to have a record of their exercise regime.


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