Margaret Kessler

Someone who has added an inestimable amount of value to our client campaigns is Margaret Kessler, a seasoned journalist and public relations professional, who understands the media world thoroughly, as she spent so much of her professional career working on the inside.

A graduate of the University of Florida’s School of Journalism, Kessler began her career in broadcasting as a writer and production assistant with WHOO AM/FM – the #1 and #2 stations in the Orlando, Florida market at that time. From there, she went on to become a freelance writer with several newspapers including The Miami Herald, The Hollywood Sun-Tattler and The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, as well as wire services Reuters, AP and UPI. She then accepted a full-time writing position withThe Miami Herald, where she spent 15 years writing marketing materials and as an education writer.

For Goodwill Communications Margaret sells our client issues and campaigns to a broad spectrum of media outlets, including 120 national networks. Due to her efforts on a campaign for Volunteers of America, she was responsible for getting 66 (out of 105) national networks to use their PSAs, creating a value of $90.1 million out of a total of $120 million from all media exposure, making this the most successful PSA campaign we have ever distributed in the past 33 years. She was also responsible for getting their PSA shown on Walmart’s Checkout Channel, reaching an audience of 93 million people monthly in 545 of their big box retail outlets around the country, valued at $60,000. To view a case history of this campaign, go to:”

For the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, she was responsible for placing full page print PSAs in Endless Vacation and Forbes magazines and 26 quarter page four-color ads in the Wall Street Journal, the country’s biggest circulation newspaper. For the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, she placed 55 quarter, half and full-page ads in the Journal. The aggregate circulation of these publications was 130 million and the value was $10 million.