The American Legion: Serving America Twice

Since its founding in 1919, The American Legion has been a staunch advocate for veterans’ benefits, children & youth, patriotic American values, a strong national defense and quality-of-life issues for those serving in today’s armed forces. From Capitol Hill to the president of the U.S., the American Legion is described as an organization with considerable influence on veterans’ issues and a strong supporter of American values.

The 12,000 American Legion posts collectively provide millions of dollars in scholarships every year; donate tens of thousands of units of blood; provide job assistance and financial support to returning veterans; assist schools across America with flag education programs and conduct community disaster preparedness programs. Across the nation, Legionnaires typically provide more than 3.8 million hours of community service last year.

Legionnaires are all military veterans who or are still on active duty, many as members of the National Guard or Reserves. All have pledged to continue to serve their country and communities. Combining the nearly two million Legion members across the nation with members of the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion, almost four million volunteers contribute to the welfare of their communities.

TV PSA Distribution

Goodwill Communications provided PSA and media outreach consulting services to the American Legion first by distributing their TV PSA titled: A Powerful Force to 500 leading cable stations as part of its CablePAK distribution service.

To promote its participation in our cable distribution service, we published a feature story in our CablePAK newsletter which was included with the video tapes that were sent to cable stations. For a very nominal cost, the American Legion TV PSAs generated 2.5 times more value than the benchmark value for all CablePAK participants as shown below.









Providing Media Consulting Services

Based on our work with other military and veteran organizations the American Legion invited us to address their Public Relations Committee at their annual meeting in Washington, DC. Our principal, Bill Goodwill presented a talk entitled: PSAs & The American Legion Building A Strong Brand Image.

We were asked to contribute an article that was published in the American Legion Toolkit distributed in both hard copy and CD to its 12,000 U.S. posts.

To view the article, go to: How to place PSAs in your community – A Primer on Local PSA Outreach – PSA Research Center

In these very tumultuous times with the world in turmoil, it is comforting to know that there are organizations such as the American Legion whose values and mission remain unchanged since its founding:

keeping America strong; teaching our youth positive values; and serving our veterans who gave so much to keep our country strong and safe.

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