Understanding the US Constitution

Understanding the US Constitution

Constituting America is committed to reversing the trend of civic apathy permeating our society today and encouraging all Americans to read and believe in our U.S. Constitution. Our mission is to teach students and adults across America about the non-partisan relevancy of the Constitution and the principles of self-governance inherent in our founding documents. Towards that end, we have created many interesting ways for people of all ages to study the U.S. Constitution and how it affects their lives, including TV PSAs created by students.

The “It’s An American Thing” TV PSA presents high school student Dakare Chatman explaining why you should know our U.S. Constitution, complete with examples of what could happen if you don’t!

The “Everything” TV PSA presents college student Emily Van Derwerken explaining, in a compelling, rap-like poetic intensity why not knowing your Constitution is so important could cost you.

“If You Had Something,” a TV PSA created by high schooler Laura Leigh Hicks, describes the Constitution and freedoms it secures, without actually mentioning the document. It leaves the viewer wondering and guessing what is being described until the “reveal” at the end, with an “aha moment,” about why we should all read and understand this treasured document, vital to preserving our liberty.

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