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Campaign Evaluation


In this data-driven era, accountability for success has never been more important. We wrote the very first evaluation software for PSA campaigns in 1981, about the same time the personal computer came on the scene. Since then, we have produced literally thousands of evaluation reports for TV, radio, print and out-of-home media.

There are a variety of reasons why you should evaluate every aspect of your PSA campaign. It:

  • Demonstrates if your message is getting through to the right audiences
  • Shows where you are and are not getting exposure
  • Provides basis for making corrections
  • Helps to solidify media relations when you sending letters of appreciation to PSA users
  • Provides Return On Investment data to justify your PSA budget
  • Helps you keep your job

For a more detailed explanation for evaluation rationale, go to: http://www.psaresearch.com/why%20Evaluate%20Your%20Campaign.pdf

How Do We Evaluate?

We get raw data from a variety of sources including the A.C. Nielsen Company, Cision’s, outdoor companies, affidavits, telephone and direct mail surveys. Each of our client reporting portals includes a detailed explanation of how we evaluate campaigns, our data sources and how we calculate values.


We create a password protected reporting portal for each of our clients where they can access their evaluation reports. They can select either current or archived reports; they can select by media title; or select by media type.  The data is refreshed Thursday of every week.

Sample Reports

On the first of each month we send an Executive Summary report for each client campaign via email. The summary includes most of the key metrics to demonstrate campaign progress.

Detailed Reports

We provide more detailed reports for broadcast TV because it is the dominant medium, generating typically 75-80% of all exposure.  These include usage by daypart, by DMA, by target audience and graphics to highlight key trends. All reports can be exported to Excel for customized formatting and analysis. For other media, we provide less detail, but enough to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Key Trends Analysis

When the campaign has run its course, for those clients which request it, we prepare what we call a "Key Trends Analysis" of the campaign, which includes a review of usage by:

  • Media type
  • Usage by daypart (time of day PSAs aired)
  • Usage by spot length
  • Usage by market size
  • For more detail on this routine, go to the article referenced above.

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