The Concept of Localism

One of the most important aspects of successful PSA campaign implementation – and one that is almost universally overlooked – is the concept of localism. It is important to know that real social change takes place at the local community level and you have to find a way to localize your issue so it resonates with local media. All non-profits must understand the media is not legally mandated to use PSAs. It is entirely voluntary on their part. See our discussion on the importance of the Four R’s of Broadcasting which outlines why the media uses PSAs by clicking here.

The following article also sheds more light on the subject: Involving Your Community Partners in PSA Programs. To the extent non-profits can train their local partners to use effective outreach tactics, everyone in the process benefits. While many non-profits have a network of community partners that they work with at the local level – affiliates, chapters, state societies, etc.– for the most part they are overlooked when it comes to distributing a national PSA campaign.

Not every non-profit has a network of community partners, but there is no reason why they cannot work with allied organizations which do have local outreach people to help make local media contacts.