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Goodwill Communications advises clients on strategy, distribution and evaluation of
public service ad campaigns addressing important social issues.
Strategy & Media
We work with our clients to think through the details of
distribution timing, media mix and audience segmentation
Not just a shipping strategy, but a messaging and marketing strategy designed to make your campaign visible and customized
by media category
Includes media outreach,
development of collateral and tactical placement of campaign assets on platforms where media outlets source for PSAs
Utilizing the latest distribution technologies and strategies
with best in class partners across all media categories
Knowing what kind of support your campaign receives justifies the investment and where your message is being seen
Access to all your campaign data is available in a password
protected portal and can be reviewed by media type or as
an executive summary


Keeping Our Youth Safe And Healthy – The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
How 4-H Is Teaching Our Youth To Become Community Leaders
Geography Matters! The National Geographic Foundation
Keeping America Safe
Stephen Maroon
Peace Corps
Former Marketing Manager

I worked with Goodwill Communications for 5 years when managing the PSA campaigns for the Peace Corps. During the seven years that Goodwill Communications distributed Peace Corps PSAs, we generated 782,000 leads, and 18,028 Volunteers actually joined. While there was an active direct mail program and college recruiting efforts during this time, paid advertising was minimal, meaning that PSAs contributed to the lion’s share of recruiting leads. What more can I say about their work?

Thomas Rash
Creative Services Department U.S. Navy Recruiting Command

I managed the Audio-Visual Department for the Navy Recruiting Command when Goodwill Communications was hired to revamp our entire PSA program in 1985. They did an incredible job in terms of lowering our costs, developing more strategic distribution plans, re-positioning our PSAs to get more airtime, and using new tools to evaluate impact. Because they have experience in paid advertising – which very few distributors have – that helped us to integrate the PSA program into our overall advertising program and attain our recruiting goals.

Bill Goodwill – Founder
South Florida Office

James Baumann – CEO
New York Office

Barbara Nitschke – VP, Administration
Northern Virginia