Our PSA distribution plans are different depending upon the medium, but following is a general overview of how we fulfill this most important function.

Television PSAs

For television we use both a push and pull strategy to digitally distribute our client PSAs to stations. These procedures include posting PSAs to: 

  • Our own digital download site called PSA Digital
  • The Spot Center maintained by the National Association of Broadcasters
  • You Tube, where we maintain our own distribution platform.

To alert the media on where to download our client PSAs, we aggressively promote the download sites and you can learn more about these procedures by going to: Promotion – Goodwill Communications

To push PSAs out to the TV universe, we use Extreme Reach, the largest distributor of TV programming in the country to reach approximately 2,000 regional, national and local broadcast, satellite TV and cable TV networks, as well as local cable systems.

Specialty TV Placement

Just about anywhere there is a video monitor, we have placed TV PSAs in these venues. These include school classrooms, sports stadium jumbotrons, airports, taxi cabs, gas pump video screens, retail checkout lines and physician offices.

Not all of these venues accept PSAs, but we do what we can to reach our client objectives on a case-by-case basis. The fact that we do not do special message placements for every distribution we handle does not mean we cannot achieve very specific distribution objectives if that is what the client requires.

Radio Distribution

With so many media options bombarding the public every day, some people may think that radio is an outdated medium, but it is still popular with the public as demonstrated by this graph.

According to the Media Literacy Clearinghouse some 240 million adults listen to radio in any given month. You can read an article about how to market your radio PSAs at: Marketing Your Message via Radio PSAs. Similar to TV, we post our client radio PSAs to download sites and also push them out to 8,000 high powered commercial radio stations.

Outdoor Distribution

We provide outdoor PSA campaigns to all the large multi-market OOH companies covering the hundreds of thousands of posting locations nationwide. Depending upon the client’s budget and audience , we target by market, by venue, or we use creative tactics to achieve campaign objectives. This includes placing client PSA messages in airports, on mass transit, shopping malls, retail parking lots or anywhere space is available.

Link to Our Outdoor Placements

• Click here to see our placements of PSAs in Airports
• Click here to see our placements of Transit PSAs
• Click here to see our placements of PSAs in Malls