Media Outreach

In the new era of digital distribution, media outreach is more important than ever, because unlike in the past where we sent hard copy tapes directly to our media contacts, now files are delivered to the “cloud,” meaning someone other than the public service director is initially receiving them, and in most cases it is the traffic director. Accordingly, we use the following tactics to promote our client campaigns:

Promotional Collateral

We create a storyboard for each client campaign, which tells the public service director what is on the digital file sent to them so they do not have to look at the digital files to decide if it is appropriate.

Since the person who downloads the digital files at the station may not be the PSA or Community Affairs Director, we also send Traffic Instructions with the titles and lengths of the PSAs and where they should be sent.

Other Promotional Tactics

We help our clients promote their campaigns via several methods which include:

  • Posting client PSAs on the National Association of Broadcasters’ Spot Center, our PSA Digital download site and Extreme Reach the premier digital site on the Internet
  • Sending alert cards with PSA download instructions to the media
  • Sending blast Emails to stations, and TV networks
  • Preparing Traffic Instructions for broadcast TV decision-makers
  • Posting client outdoor files to OOHforGood
  • Conducting personal outreach to TV networks