In the commercial advertising world, there is a phrase called the “Unique Selling Proposition,” which distinguishes one company, product, or service from others. While there are several other PSA distribution firms that do what we do, for our firm, there are several factors that are unique, including:

  •  Longevity. We have been in business since 1981 – longer than any other distributor other than the Advertising Council – and have distributed over 1,000 national PSA campaigns.

  • Clientele. You can tell a lot about a consulting firm by looking at the kind of organizations they have served. We have worked with 174 of the largest non-profits and government agencies in the country over the past four decades. To see a list of them, go to: Client History – Goodwill Communications
  • Innovation. We designed the first evaluation software for PSA campaigns; the first compilation procedure for distributing PSAs to cable stations; and the PSA Research Center, the only on-line library dedicated to public service advertising.
  • Media Engagement. We try to engage the media in our client campaigns, rather than just use them as a channel for communicating with their audience. Go to: Our Promotion Page to see how we do this.
  • Client Education. We help inform and educate our clients on the changing world of public service advertising through an ambitious client support program. This includes:
    • Two newsletters – a quarterly titled: GoodNews about PSA trends and a monthly titled: GoodViews with articles about the changing world of marketing, promotion, and media
    • Webinars to inform/educate local public affairs professionals on national PSA strategies and tactics
    • Topical articles on various facets affecting PSAs and media strategy
    • Presentations on how to distribute and evaluate your PSA campaign
    • The PSA Research Center – an on-line library with articles, case studies, and a bibliography of helpful information. Go to: www.psaresearch.com/
  • Low Overhead. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings to our clients
  • Advertising Experience. Our two most senior executives have managed numerous national PSA campaigns, with extensive experience in developing the strategy and implementation of national ad campaigns.
    To see bios on our key company employees, go to: Our Team
  • We Give Back. We do not just pay lip service to the field of public service advertising. We practice what we preach by creating pro-bono PSA campaigns for organizations which cannot afford to launch campaigns.
    Learn more at: Good Causes.
  • We understand that PSAs are not a panacea. Public service advertising is mostly about awareness, and that other tactics must be employed to bring about attitude and behavior change. We help our clients use the most appropriate techniques to achieve those objectives.