Getting airtime on broadcast TV is highly competitive. Many PSA  distributors overlook local cable stations, because they typically reach fewer viewers than broadcast stations.

Increasingly, however, viewers are tuning into their local cable systems, because they provide programming that is more relevant to their interests.

To take advantage of both of these trends, we had to find a way to lower distribution costs in light of the reduced reach, yet deliver our client messages to important cable viewers. Thus CablePAK was born.

The Concept

For the past two decades we have distributed CablePAK via a high-quality direct mail package, which contained a hard copy video tape, a newsletter, and an evaluation reply card. However, as with all PSA content, early last year we began posting CablePAK PSAs on two different online platforms.

The first of these is our own proprietary download site called CablePAK Online. On this site visitors can preview the PSAs and download them in whatever format they need.

The second platform is called Extreme Reach, the premier download site for all digital media content. Once on the site you can use the search feature to find either the name of the organization, or the specific PSA you want to download.

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