Many PSA distributors overlook local cable stations, because they typically reach fewer viewers than broadcast stations. However, in a survey of 1,000 broadcast TV stations, almost 40% of them indicated they receive from 8 to 30 PSAs weekly.

Increasingly, viewers are tuning into their local cable systems, because they provide programming that is more relevant to their interests.

To take advantage of both of these trends, we created a way to lower distribution costs in light of the reduced reach, yet deliver our client messages to important cable viewers. Thus,CablePAK was born.


For the past two decades we have distributed CablePAK via a high-quality direct mail package. However, as we have done with broadcast TV PSAs, we migrated to a digital distribution process, posting CablePAK PSAs on two different online platforms.

The first of these is our own proprietary download site called CablePAK Online. On this site visitors see the participating clients. By clicking on the photos, they are taken to our PSA Digital site where they can preview the PSAs and download them in whatever format they need.

The second platform is called Extreme Reach, the premier download site for all digital media content.

Once on the site you can use the search feature to find either the name of the organization, or the specific PSA you want to download.


Since we no longer distribute TV PSAs via hard copy mailers, promotion is more important than ever before, because if the media do not know where to download your PSAs, then obviously they will not be used. We use a three-step process to promote CablePAK:

  • Step 1: We create a newsletter which is posted to CablePAK Online that provides local cable stations and systems the rationale for using Cablepak.
  • Step 2: The newsletter is direct mailed to about 1,000 cable and PBS stations on our distribution list. It includes a brief synopsis of each participant and a link to where CablePAK PSAs can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Step 3: We send a blast email to all cable stations and systems with brief descriptions of participants and where PSAs can be downloaded.


Since local cable stations and systems are not monitored by Nielsen’s SpotTrac system, we rely on self-reporting to capture CablePAK PSA usage data.


When we send the hard copy newsletter out to stations, a business reply card is included that stations can use to report usage. We follow that up with two more reminder postcards to capture usage.

To access reports, clients sign on to our evaluation portal where they can see either current CablePAK usage reports, or archived reports for older campaigns.



  • To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions, go to: FAQs