In our latest public service announcement (PSA) titled “What Matters” (:30), we see a military man gearing up for what appears to be a tactical mission. We see him don military gear and head into the forest before daybreak. We soon realize that this isn’t a military excursion, but a hiking trip the father is taking with his daughter. They continue walking down the trail, as the father puts his arm around his daughter’s shoulder. A voice reminds us that our jobs are important, but family time is what matters most.

Also included, is the TV PSA “Refuse to be Average” (:30), where we see a young woman beginning her workout at daybreak. Her eyes burn with determination as she runs toward the camera and then toward a large rock structure. This is her obstacle. We follow her as she runs up a steep incline, over a crevice, and through large boulders. Throughout the journey, we hear her internal monologue, coaching her through the challenge. At the end, she peers out over the scenery, reflecting on what she’s accomplished. Although it’s a small accomplishment, this serves as a building block for her journey through life. She’ll overcome any obstacle that the world throws at her.

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