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How PSAs Can Support Recruiting Volunteers

Goodwill Communications has distributed dozens of PSA campaigns to support recruiting, mostly for our armed forces. However, the best evidence we have to demonstrate how PSAs can help recruit volunteers, is to review our six years of working with the Peace Corps.

During this time Peace Corps did not do any other marketing except for a limited direct mail program, meaning that PSAs contributed to the lion’s share of recruiting leads. As shown by the graph below, during our six year effort, Peace Corps received a total of 782,000 leads, which in turn resulted in 58,558 applications, 21,456 invitations to join, and 18,028 Volunteers who actually joined. However, if you drill down further in the data, it shows another interesting trend about PSA efficacy.

Leads grew significantly for the first four years from 102,172 in 1994 to 157,000 in 1997. During each of these years, Peace Corps distributed two PSA campaigns. Then, in 1998 and 1999, only one campaign was distributed, and leads dropped from 157,000, the high point in 1997, to 135,767 in 1999, a decrease of 13 percent. Applications also fell from 8 to 10 percent during this time. This trend data suggests there is a direct correlation between lead generation and PSA activity. For a more detailed review of our work for the Peace Corps.